We left very early this morning and it was very foggy. All the way up the hill, we could hardly see anything. It was so dark and misty.  We arrived at Matilda Hospital at 6.30am. Mum thought she’d left her wallet at home so had a little panic and emptied out our suitcase – then she found it along with all the other papers we had to bring with us which was sitting on the check in desk!

We were shown our room, then I had to have a shower with some special pink soap and put on a gown, which looks like a dress. I was also given a white robe and blue slippers. They were like wearing skis. I like them. I found a bag of stuff that I get to keep like a comb and toothpaste and I put the comb straight into my pocket!

My surgeon, Dr Liu was late. There was an accident on the road up the hill and I think it was because of the heavy rain. There are always accidents when it rains in Hong Kong.

We can’t see anything out of the window now, because it’s like being in a cloud. We are so high up and it’s raining hard.

The nurse is from Liverpool. My mum is really happy about this, as it reminds her of her friend, Andrea! She is called Joan and is really nice.

She put on some cream on my hand – she said it’s magic cream and it is supposed to help with something that will help me sleep later on.

Now, I am ready to go to theatre. I said that’s where we watch movies, but mum says she’s just found out that Cars 3 is coming out soon, and she’ll take me to see it in one of those theatres.

The surgeon is here. We are heading downstairs. We have to get in a lift – my mum hates lifts and she says I am braver than her. She said, she would rather get an injection than go in lifts. She’s weird.

My dad has to put on a blue gown, blue hat and blue shoe thingies. I laugh at him cos he looks like he’s wearing a dress. The nurse gives my teddy a blue hat too. My mum takes some photos of daddy and me.

We are called through the door and mummy kisses me too many times.

My dad goes with me. Daddy said I was brave. I cried a little bit when they put the needle in my hand. Then I’m OK and I fall asleep.

(end bit wrote by mum)