So, I had my operation yesterday and the surgeon says he’s happy which means my mum and dad and me are happy. After surgery, my mum and dad squeeze my hand and are trotting alongside the bed on both sides. We all push in the lift and mum and dad get wedged between the lift doors and the bed.Β They have to get out and then squeeze in again on the other side. My mum is sweating now.

I need to keep the needle in my hand for a few more days so they can give me medicine straight into my body. It’s wrapped up in a bandage with a smily face on it.

I feel tired and sore. My leg feels like I can’t move it. My scar is under a brown plaster and I can see blue pen. Looks like the surgeon has been playing dot to dot on my thigh. They give me an ice pack to put on the scar for 10 minutes.

A physio dressed in a tracksuit came to see me and taught me how to use a walking frame. I think it looks like what old people use. My dad called it a zimmerframe.

I have to practice using it and hold onto it with both hand and hop on my right leg. My left leg has to be kept of the ground – they said for 6 weeks. I go to the bathroom using it and everybody cheers. I try to hobble a bit more on it, and manage about 20m there and back.

Fiona visited me yesterday and it’s nice to see her. She talks all the time! She’s coming back today with some goodies.

I don’t much like lying in bed all day, but I have lots of things to do. I watch a movie, read Wimpy Kid book , play my spotify playlist and play on the OSMO my mum got me. Β We also play I spy.. a lot…

During the night I wake up a lot, but get a huge surprise as the tooth fairies leave me a note and $40. I had a wobbly tooth and the doctor said they would take it out in case I swallowed it. I usually get $10 from the tooth fairies, but this time, I got $40! I read their note and am so happy they still found me in hospital.

I have just had a X-Ray so it’s a trip down to the fist floor. I am in and out so quickly that when I get back my breakfast is here. Pancakes with blueberries.

My mum says we will get 3 visitors today. Fiona, Rosie and Nankers. I am happy about that and I also get to see my class, 3HM from school. We are going to facetime my teacher, Miss Morris. I miss them a lot and want to know what they are doing at school.