My last day in hospitalThursday at the hospital was very busy. I has physio in the morning, then the usual medicine was given to me. My mum and I were excited to Skype my class again. We did this at 11am. It was fun seeing my class and teachers again and I answered a few more questions they had like,”Will I have to use a Wheelchair?” – Yes, for a short while when I come back to school”Am I in pain?” – No, not really, but my scar is a bit sore and when I bend my left leg”What did I have for b/fast?”- Coco Pops, but my mum never lets me have them usually.”When do I get to go home?” – Tomorrow, hopefully.After my morning physio session, the physio took my zimmer frame away and told me to use only my crutches. I was happy at this. I can go faster on my crutches. My mum really wanted to get some fresh air, so we went down in the lift to the ground floor and I laughed at my mum for looking so worried in the ride down. We went to look at the view towards Ocean Park and waited for Claire and Gareth to arrive. I was excited to show them walking on my own with my crutches.

They arrived soon and we went back to our room and the adults talked and talked and talked. I played with Dylan, and Harvey had his nappy changed. Dad then arrived not long after. Claire bought me a 3D art game – she buys me a lot of arty things, coz she’s really good at art. My mum told me she is a professional artist!

Later on, Valentina, Luca, Rachele and Kris came with the biggest pizza in the world. There were so many people in my room now that it felt like a party. Then Josie and Hettie face timed and it was all exciting.

Dylan and Harvey went home and then we ate the pizza and played Cluedo that the PE dept had bought me. I am always Mr Green and Luca and Valentina were Mustard and Blue. Rachele said the characters are all trendy now, she must be talking about the Olden days Cluedo.

The adults were too noisy, so Kris pulled the curtain round my bed, so we could have our own private kids party. We watched Cloudy Meatballs and it felt cosy in our den.

Everyone went home and my mum and me were very tired. We fell asleep almost straight away.

I get to go home!

My mum told me in the morning, that I kept having nightmares during the night and I was crying. I don’t remember this. We didn’t really sleep much but we got up and had a shower. I have to sit down on a chair in the shower and keep my left leg straight. I need to try to not wet my scar too much either. So the shower is very fast.

A nurse comes just as I get my clothes on to tell me the doctor will see me shortly. I hope he says I can go home today. I have my fingers crossed on both hands.

The Physio takes me for a walk again and she shows me how to hop up the steps without putting weight on my left leg. I show off a bit and I get told off. She says if I go too fast, then she’ll tell the doctor not to let me go home today. I go like a sloth from Zootopia after that.

It’s the Year 3 Assembly today, but Miss Morris said I can still be there if we skype again. I wait and wait and then I’m there! Miss Diya holds up the ipad for the entire assembly and I have a front row seat. I see Valentina and we wave to each other! I laugh so much coz it’s fun seeing her on stage! Then it’s my class, 3HM’s turn. We made a movie about sustainability and I talk about saving water. When I see myself on the big screen on stage, I hide my face! During the Assembly, Miss Diya turns the ipad round and loads of my friends wave at me – I wave so hard I make the screen freeze.

Doctor Liu finally arrives. He is in his blue outfit, so I think he has just done an operation on someone else. He shows my mum and dad my x ray and then looks at my scar, moves my leg a little bit and talks to mum and dad for AGES… finally, we get to go home.

I make sure I pack all the free stuff I got from the hospital. Like hairbrushes, shower gels and slippers – my mum says we don’t need to take them – but I stuff them in the suitcase without her noticing. I really like hairbrushes.

I fall asleep in the car going home. When I wake up, we’re back. My mum carries me upstairs and I can’t believe what I see! A huge Welcome Home sign, paper-chains, loads of cards and presents. I sit down and read them all and open up all my presents.

My mum and dad keep saying what lovely friends I have and take lots of photos. I see my bed is downstairs. I will sleep in the lounge for 2 weeks so I don’t have to go up and down steps on my crutches. I need to keep my left leg from touching the floor. I can shower and go to the bathroom downstairs too. Rufus, my dog and I can sleep together.

My mum and dad look really happy. Rosie is dancing around and I get straight into bed and read more cards.

I am happy to be home. I then get some more face time calls from friends and they want to have lots of playdates with me. I think I am going to see lots of friends soon – we can play with my new board games and toys.

I won’t be at school next week either, I have to rest. I have an appointment with the surgeon again in 10 days time. Then I can go back to school for the last week of term in a wheelchair. Claire says I can decorate it with tinsel and fairy lights. That sounds like fun.






My first venture outside to wait for Claire, Gareth, Dylan and Harvey
Enjoying the sunshine
Pizza Party with Valentina and Luca
I was able to watch our Year 3 Assembly by Skype
Getting home to all this!
Reading my cards that my friends made me. My bed is now downstairs for a few weeks.