I couldn’t go to school, but school came to me!

A lot has happened since my last blog. I have spent a week at home recovering after my operation. My class, 3HM and Miss Morris skyped me everyday. I was able to join in everyday for an activity. I loved it when the class went crazy and jumped up and down in front of Miss Morris’ laptop! They were making me laugh. We did reading buddies, rock art, and Q+A. I was able to see all my classmates everyday.

Nurse Louise brought round a wheelchair and I decorated it with santas and reindeers and christmas lights. I can turn on the lights and make them blink whenever I need to. I like my wheelchair. It is tartan. My mum says it is a Scottish wheelchair and it must be fast. When she said this, I got out the bell my nana and papa gave me with scull and crossbones on it. My mum put it on my handlebar so I can ring it just in case I go too fast and I run over someone!

My week at home – no school

Everyday, 4 times a day, I to take two kinds of medicine. One is pink and the other is orange. My mum says one is for pain and the other is an anti-inflammatory. I think it’s for my scar. I also have a plate and 6 pins in my leg. I didn’t like to hear that at first, but people keep telling me I’m bionic and I’ll make the airport machines beep. I look at Jacob’s photos of his plates when he got them out and they look the same. He is my friend, in England , who is Gemma’s nephew. He had Perthes and now he is playing football and they just played in Middlesboro Stadium for the final. I asked if we could go there when we’re in the UK. My dad says it’s a better idea than going to see Aston Villa, so yes!

This week I have lots of people visiting me. Miss Morris came to give me my Scholastic book order one night and this made me very happy. I love things to do with Spies and my Top Secret Spy Box came. It has spy glasses, a secret code dial and a spy pen. The next day, when I skyped my class, I did a secret code and they worked it out. Clever class!

I had lots of friends come to play with me during the week and it’s fun, but I can’t get things from my toy area easy, so my friends get it for me. We play a lot of lego and board games.

It’s tricky for me to go to the bathroom and do things like cleaning my teeth and getting dressed. I can’t put any weight on my left leg at all, so I use my crutches around the house. I haven’t been upstairs yet, as I can’t climb the steps. During the week, my mum or dad carries me upstairs to have a shower and I can choose my own clothes again from my bedroom.  We have our first day out in the wheelchair to see Claire in Tai Po. My mum and Rosie comes too. Claire always does arty things, and after I skyped my class, Claire set up the whole table to make Christmas decorations. It’s like being in art class, only it’s just me and Dylan. My mum and Claire chat and chat and chat and I have a good time here. We also make a gingerbread house.

We go to see some students from RCHK in the show, ‘The Jungle Book’ in Wan Chai. It’s our first big venture out in the wheelchair. My mum and dad did a lot of lifting me in and out and up steps. I don’t think Hong Kong is very easy for people in wheelchairs and I think about my friend’s dad, Paul. He must find it hard all the time. We get there after taking a long time, trying to find ramps and lifts. One lift even had bollards at the entrance! My mum was happy as it meant one less lift, but my dad and I didn’t understand! We had to do another set of steps for that.

I really liked the show. I loved the part where Tara bashed the baddie out the way with the buffalo horns and we all cheered! I got to sit next to all the other RCHK teachers and we had really good seats.

The next day, Rachele kidnapped me for a whole day. Valentina was in a ballet performance and Kris took Luca and me to meet her at the theatre. I had the best day! We got Pokemon cards, had lunch and then watched Valentina do her ballet as a Reindeer. My mum and dad said they went for a hike all day. When I got dropped off, it was dark. My dad carried me straight up to bed as I was exhausted and the next day, I have my check up with the Surgeon, Dr Liu in Central.

Monday morning was the last day I have to take my medicine. I am wondering if he will take my plate and pins out my leg today. My dad said they wouldn’t, but he might take off the dressing. I waited in the waiting room while my mum had 2 big coffees. I got called for the xray, and as usual, I had 2 xrays. I like to do xrays. I lie down on my back. The first one I have to put my legs apart, they call it Frog Legs. The second one, is me just lying down. It’s easy. It’s much quicker than the MRI.

Dr Liu then calls us and I have to lie on his bed. He always wears cool shoes and I like him. He checks my leg movement and asks me some questions like:

“Does it hurt”  – “sometimes on my thigh and knee” and “Are you finished your medicine” – “Yes, today”

He shows me some exercises to do.

  1. I have to put both feet on the floor when sitting and lift my left leg up and down.
  2. Straighten my knee and bend it again.
  3. Outstretched, point my toe up and down.

It looks easy, but when I try it, it’s actually hard. I have to do this 3x per day. It hurts when I do this, but my mum says it will get easier if I do it every day. AND I don’t have a choice she said!

He said he is very happy and the plate and pins are in the correct place. I have to be very careful to keep all my weight off my left leg, so I have to use my wheelchair and crutches for about 3 more months. But I can start swimming again, gently. My mum and dad are so happy at this! I am too!

I get to go back to school!

I am soo excited today because I get to go back to school today, Tuesday 6th Dec. My mum takes me in the wheelchair. When we get out the car, so many students, some my mum’s students and some my friends, come running up to me. I get excited. My mum takes me straight to her PE office first. After lots of hugs and stuff, we go to my classroom. I have a little time to look around and Miss Morris shows me a Parking Sign my friends made for me to keep my wheelchair when I’m in class. It’s really cool. My mum stays with me all day, I don’t want her to, but again, she says, I have no choice! I speak to my class a little bit and show them my xray with my plates inside. I really love being back with my friends again. I think I gave my teacher a mini heart attack though.. My friends all wanted to push me and before I knew it I was laughing and yelling ‘faster, faster’ in my wheelchair coz they pushed me really really fast across the basketball court and up a ramp. My teacher saw this and got worried. My mum was supposed to be watching me but she was too busy watching the Santa abseiling down the side of the school wall. We then all ran into the lift. The lift was packed and I just sat in the middle. I remember seeing my teacher and my mum coming toward us, when the lift doors closed. I laughed so hard, my sides ached.  Miss Morris explained to me afterwards that it might be dangerous to be pushed around so fast, so Rosie will come in tomorrow to push me in the chair… slowly. I need to tell Joelle, that she can only push me sometimes tomorrow, and not all the time.

Our Principal, Mr Shmitz really did abseil down the school wall! We all cheered and then he high fived the year 1’s afterwards. I had a brilliant day;  I had my snack and lunch with them and so many of my friends were asking me questions. Tomorrow I go back to school and my mum goes back to teaching her students. She said “Thank Goodness”


Miss Morris came round to give me my Scholastic book order

Joining in for Buddies Reading class
The day Rachele kidnapped me all day
My first day back at school
Valentina taking control
Mr Schmitz, our Principal abseils down the building