May 19

We have just met up with Andrew and Richard, who are the brothers behind Tsunami clothing, a Hong Kong brand of sportswear.

Designer Richard has been working on the logo, along with much creativity from Rachele, an architect/artist friend, plus some helpful inputs from Jack.

The design features a hand cycle, some psychedelic mountains and our name ‘Pedal Through Perthes’. It’s been through several edits. The first bike was in black and looked quite Easy-Rider-ish; Jack thought it looked like it was being ridden by a girl. So Richie made some neat changes, again with help from Jack. When Jack asked for yet another tweak, Richie, who was great with Jack throughout, noted ironically, ‘Some of my customers don’t know what they want..!’

Jack will wear his new cycling shirt with Rob Groves on July 28, when they hand cycle into Downing St. This wonderful opportunity has really put some time pressure on us, since we need the shirts ready for when we leave Hong Kong at the end of June. So this means logo completed, designs chosen AND website up and running.

Over to Adrian, our IT expert. Adrian has been beating me at squash for many years now so I don’t feel too bad about asking him to help us with the website set up. As with most aspects of our ‘Pedal Through Perthes’ adventure, Leanne and I are on a steep learning curve here.

We have no idea about the complexities of choosing web hosts or domain names. I’m sure GoDaddy and Dreamhost are not just exotic figments of Adrian’s imagination and I’m delighted that Dreamhost offers: Full shell (SSH) with Git. 

Despite Adrian’s assurances that set up is easy we have forwarded an inbox full of emails but we are nearly there. It’s OK though because he’s now beating me at tennis as well. And, as this post demonstrates, he’s done a great job getting us up and running.