My mum and dad and me arrived in Edinburgh a few days ago and we visited 2 schools and some flats to see where we might live when we come to live here next year. It’s cold but I still want to wear my t shirt and shorts. My mum is rugged up like she’s about to go to the arctic. She says it’s like the arctic and it’s almost July!

The day has finally arrived when we stay with nana and papa and see my cousins. I know my new handcycle arrived last month from Germany and papa has been storing it in the shed. We get it out straight away. It’s in 2 big boxes and the instructions are in French. Calhan comes over to help and in no time the bike is built! It’s called Freak by Pro Active and it looks soooo cool. It’s black and looks like a Harley Davidson! I get in it immediately and after my mum and dad faff around with cushions to make me higher, we go out with calhan for a try. It’s amazing! It has 8 gears and I want to go fast but I keep hearing ‘slow down Jack’. We go up a little hill and I turn the gear to 1 which is good for uphills, just like my Hoy bike. I want to show it to aunty Karyn so we go on the pavement that we know she will drive past. They arrive and I wave excitedly.

I ride back to the house and show everyone the bike. They all love it! It’s cool.

We give everyone a charity t shirt and take lots of photos. I’m so excited and happy to be with everyone again.

Today we go to see Eliza’s horse, Amber. I help mucking out the stables on my crutches. It’s so much fun. I’m going to ride my hand bike again later today.