We arrived on Friday to see our friends, Andrea, Martin and Alexandra in Wigan. I really like spending time with Alexandra – she’s almost 10 yrs old and is a lot of fun!

We went to Scotsman’s Flash, which is an old coal mine that is now a lake that people can do water sports on. We hired kayaks and we each had our own one. We had to wear wetsuits and a life jacket which was funny pulling them on as they were very tight. My dad put on water shoes that he later realized were both left feet! We laughed a lot. The instructors were really nice to me and helped me get used to paddling. Andrea and my mum and dad spent a lot of time going round in circles!

Later, we went cycling on my handcycle. Alexandra showed us the way onto the bike track which goes round the Flash. Going up hill is hard but on the flats I enjoyed going fast and Alexandra and I rode together.

People helped us lift the cycle over the locks on the track and asked about the bike. They all liked it!

Our friends are strong Man U fans, but Andrea is a PE teacher and used to teach James Chester – she got a signed programme for my dad and I as he plays for Villa and was captain last season. My dad and I were really happy about that!

Akexandra has 3 chickens and one morning we went out to the garden and they had laid 2 eggs! We had them for breakfast.

We all went out on our bikes again the next day with a neighbour, Ethan and both had a go on the handcycle which they liked!

We leave today for Worcester to see aunty Rosemary and uncle Tim.