Jamie McDonald’s signed book
Harry McKirdy before he scored
Happy coz Harry scored!

We saw Villa play a warm game at Kidderminster with aunty Rosemary and gave Harry McKirdy a pedal Through Perthes t shirt. I was so excited when he came on in the 2nd half and then he scored!! He tweeted us a few days later with the note I gave him and a donation to the charity. He also got some of his teammates to sponsor me too. He is supercool!

The next day, Rachel and Nick took us to Egbaston Cricket Ground to see Birmingham Bears. Ex England cricket player, Darren Maddy gave us a signed cricket bat by all the Warwickshire cricketers – it’s amazing! We sat up in the members area and could see all the ground under floodlights.

Rachel had met someone called Jamie McDonald. He couldn’t use his legs for most of his childhood. Now, he is running marathons everyday across Canada. He signed a copy of his book for me. It reminds me of Terry Fox and I like to hear how Jamie recovered so well that he can run again.

Today, our Tsunami cycling gear arrived at Rosemary’s. I love it!! I couldn’t wait to put it on. I went out immediately on my handcycle with Rob and Rhiannon around Victoria Park in Leamington Spa. Rob rode around with me – we did 3 big laps and 2 small ones. I love going fast but Rob says I should save my energy so I can also go uphills too.  My mum and dad ran around the track trying to get photos – I tried to cycle fast to beat them.

I meet Robert Groves tonight in Blackpool – I can’t wait to meet him at last. I’ll try to handcycle out with him tomorrow morning for a short while on his next leg in my new cycle kit.

Next Friday is London! I can’t wait!