We met Rob for the first time in Blackpool before he set off for his Blackpool to Whitehaven stage. I was so happy to finally meet him and he immediately showed me his bike and I couldn’t wait to sit it in. He told me lots of advice and things that would help me learn to handcycle better.

His son and granddaughter were with him and they were so much fun. Rob gave me a signed Villa shirt to our charity and we gave him one of our t shirts.

The next morning, I rode out with him for the first 3 miles on his way to Whitehaven. We chatted all the way and he helped me up some hills. I can’t wait to ride with him in London. Rob does a lot of charity work and wants to help people as well as cleaning up the oceans.

Tomorrow, I meet him at the Velodrome in London. I start pedalling with him at a Fire Station then into St Paul’s Catherdral at around 2.30pm. I have lots of friends and family meeting me there. I’m excited!

Giving me advice

Donating a signed Billa shirt to our charity
Setting off from Blackpool