This is the day I have been waiting for! 28th July! We met Rob Groves and his team at the Olympic Velodrome. Matthew Wing (Cycling Projects) and Cefn O Ryan (rugby player) and Gary from SIA are riding with us. Rosemary and Tim also met us there before heading to the finish at St Paul’s Cathedral later on.

We had a full escort from the London Ambulance, St John’s and Police cycling units. It was amazing! We set off at 12.30pm and I was right in the middle. My mum as dad were in the support vehicle behind the ambulance.

We rode through a park that the vehicle couldn’t go down and I remember laughing so hard and waving hard at my mum and dad!

We then were on the roads in London. People were cheering and waving and taking photos. I waved back! We then pulled into Fish Street Fire Station. The firemen asked if I was Jack and took me inside the fire engine. I got to spray the water hose, wear a helmet and jacket and saw the firemans poles! There were 2 of them! After some photos, we were back on the road again. Not too long I saw the Shard and the Guerkin and then the dome on St Paul’s. I wasn’t supposed to ride all the way, but I really wanted to so I rode all 10 miles alongside Rob. I loved every minute!

The policemen on bikes were being bossy with the traffic and stopped cars so we could park in by St Paul’s. The barrier was dropped and we all parked up. I saw Rosemary and Tom, Tracey and her cousins, Rhiannon, Rob and Amelie, Sue, Mark and Sam and Amy.

An actor called Dan Richardson made a speech about Rob and reminded us why he rode all 2,500 miles around the English and Welsh coast. To clean up the oceans and raise money for Sea Shepherds, SIA and Cycling Projects.

He even me mentioned me by saying Rob had inspired me to take up handcycling during my Perthes. I had the best day!