Yesterday, 29th August we went for my 3 month x-ray check up. I have to have frog legs and straight-ish legs x-rays done at Dr Liu’s office. I like having x-rays. It’s very quick. I lie down, then after a beep it’s over. My mum and dad always stare at the photo immediately when they see it on the screen. They tell me it’s digital, whatever that means, so they can see it straight away. This time, my mum says it looks different and there are lots of white patches on the bone. I ask if it’s OK. Then Dr Liu comes in and looks at and then smiles.

We go into his office and I spot a white scarf hanging on a short hat stand. Dr Liu asks me if I know where it’s from. I guess Laos or Thailand, but he tells me it’s from Tibet. It’s a Tibetan prayer scarf and I like it. It’s pure white and silky. I feel it while my mum and dad listen to Dr Liu. He still wears nice shoes.

So, he says he can’t see any further bone damage. It’s impossible to tell if necrosis has stopped, but he thinks there is no further bone loss since last xray in May. I need to continue to keep my weight of my left leg and not to run, jump etc. Swimming is still good he says.

He may even take out the plate and screws in March after we come back from South America. He said it is an easy operation to take them out and I don’t even need to stay overnight. After 2 weeks, I may be able to walk without crutches. He is very careful to say he cannot guarantee this, however, I think this is good news.  I have to see him again end of November. (A year since my surgery)

Dr Liu wrote my charity event day in his diary and asked about my handbike. I think he likes it and said he will come to join us and buy a T shirt.

I think it was a good check up.