On Saturday, Sailability and all the other Saturday sailors at Hong Kong Yacht Club entered Bart’s Bash. This is the biggest global sailing race in the world to raise money for the Andrew Simpson Foundation. (www.bartsbash.com)

When we arrived, we saw Dr Liu and his son’s Sean and Ted setting up their race boats and other friends I knew. I was excited to be in my first Regatta. I found out I was to sail with Richard in the Red Dragon boat. I like sailing with him, he is always really nice to me.

There wasn’t a lot of wind, so it took a while to get out to the start line. The Committee boat was huge and we had to start between the big yellow buoy and the boat. After a lot of horns and different flags being hoisted, we finally started! We had to sail 3 loops round the 2 buoys, but it was very hot and not a lot of wind, so we cut it to 2 laps.

Mum and dad took me home after we got back to the clubhouse and when we returned at 5.30pm it was presentation time. We didn’t know there was going to be trophies and prizes. Then I heard my name! Richard and I won the 303 class race! Everyone cheered and called out my name. I got my photo taken with Richard and I won a jacket, drinks bottle and stubby holder and the best was a 1st place pennant.

I had a fun time at the BBQ after. All the Sailability guys were there and I really enjoyed myself. I met some of the Para Olympic team who usually sail on Sundays. I liked there boats – they looked really fast. They had 20 ropes all in an order to help them sail without using their legs. I liked seeing them in the water.

Here are some photos:

Team Sailability
Richard and me
Winning my class
Red Dragon boat

There were over 50 boats taking part in the race