We arrived on Saturday morning to help out with the Sailability stall and I was happy to see all the crew. Joshua and Meena were there and all the para sailors. Their team was called ‘The Para Warriors’. We went to see the new boat launch that Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy had sponsored by buying a new Hansa boat. Simon was first in and set off the race. I was to sail with Richard on the Sunday, I was really happy about that. I sailed on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon, in the last leg of the race.

I saw a lot of people I knew, including Dr Liu and his kids again. He was lap counting on the big committee boat and said hi.

We arrived early on Sunday morning in time for my slot. The sun was coming up and it was amazing. 26 boats all going through the night. The same boat sails but the crew change every 2 hours. I saw some pretty fast changeovers where the crew ran onto the moving boat. Some of the Para Warriors stayed sailing for hours on end without changing, as it wastes time getting in and out again.

The presentations were on Sunday early evening and Para Warriors won! We, Sailability came 4th out of 26 teams! We were all really happy. Kay and Mike where happy and we all went up on stage to celebrate.

Richard and I just before our slot
The Pink Dolphin in the race
Joshua and me
Coming in for the changeover
Richard and me in Pink Dolphin
Early Sunday morning
Sunday morning
Richard and Kay
Me and Mike