We were so busy at the end of term it felt like each day rolled into the next. We sold the house, packed up, shippers came, had lots of goodbye parties and moved out.

My mum really likes her PE department and her students so was sad to say goodbye to them. Her students are always nice to me and I’ll miss them too. Dr Brown, our Principal, wanted us to stand up in assembly to speak to the senior school about our trip, so we spoke about Pedal Through Perthes charity event and our 6 months of travel.

The house was bare when we moved out and we stayed in Miss Morris’ flat as she was away on holiday. My mum and dad were running all over the place everyday. They had lots of paperwork they said and boring stuff like banking to do.

We had to say goodbye to Rosie, who has been in our family for 8 years. I’m happy she is going back to her own family in Manila, but we will miss her so much. I’m sad to leave my friends too but I know I’ll see them again in March. We are finally in the airport heading for Los Angeles. I’m excited about that as I get to see my friend, Garran and my mum said I would like the bags there as I need a new bag after a clump of slime liked my Minions bag a bit too much.