We only had 2 days in Santa Monica before we catch the flight from LA to Houston to Bogota.

Jetlag hit us as we are now 16 hours behind Hong Kong. We didn’t sleep until very late so we woke up late. However, we did so much though in one and half days! We hired a tandem so I could ride along the boardwalk from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach to see Muscle Beach. I saw Venice Beach Skateboard park and wish I could join in, but I need to wait until Perthes is over. But I watched them for ages to get tips for when I can skate again.

The cycle track is amazing. So many people on different types of wheels. I loved it! The beach was massive with lots of volleyball nets up and people playing. I wanted to stop off and try everything. We went to Muscle Beach and I did some pull ups and some gymnastic stuff on the bars. I climbed some and dunes and my mum kept telling me off for wanting to run down them. She kept saying, ‘once perthes is over, then you can run up and down the sand dunes all day’.

The sun came down pretty fast and as I was throwing my tennis ball around, it went from light to dark in only 20 minutes. The Sunset was brilliant looking out to the Pacific Ocean.

We walked along Santa Monica Boulevard and found places to eat. We have to leave today to get out flight to take us to Bogota.

On Santa Monica Pier
riding along the boardwalk
A magician on Santa Monica Boulevard
The sunset on Venice Beach