On Playa Blanca
escaping the Mongkok crowds on the beach    Finally, we are on our way to Cartagena. Our flight was only an hour and a bit long and when we arrived, it was hot and tropical! We love it.

We checked into our hotel. It is over 200 years old. It used to be a Monastery, then a school house. Our room is up top and you can look down into the courtyard. We walk through cloisters and alcoves to get to our room. We passed a really old piano there are art installations in the lobby and art galleries all over the ground floor. There is a church and an old school classroom on the second floor and we have breakfast where the Monks used to dine. It’s cool. The balcony looks over to the sea.

Our hotel is within the old city walls. The walls are amazing. I walked on the city walls during sunset and sat in the old portcullis. I think it’s ancient. All the buildings are old and painted in different colours with old wooden doors like castles. We learned that they were built to keep Pirates out and then the British as they wanted to take the gold that was found here.

We saw drummers and dancers that dances so fast and energetically. It was so cool. The drummers drum fast and the dancers keep in time.

I have to do 20 minutes of maths, 20 minutes of reading and write 4 sentences everyday. I am doing this now in the old Monks dining room.

We visited a local beach, which has volcanic sand. I loved it. We had a shelter and I played with some kids and the locals. I walked with the man who sells ice cream and he showed me where to buy water from.

We spent a day at Playa Blanca yesterday by getting a speedboat. We thought we were going to a quiet beach, but when we got to the port, there were hundreds of people chaotically arranging everyone on lots of different boats. Each boat could seat about 50 people. The Navy were there checking everyone had lifejackets on, then we were off! It was mega fast! We zoomed all the way there, passing Isla Rosario (an ancient island) on the way. We eventually arrived at the beach. My dad said it’s like Dunkirk and we quickly had to jump of the boat right up on the beach! It was like Mongkok on the beach, although it  was beautiful, despite all the people!

Today, I bought a Cartagena football team strip! I love it. It’s yellow and green and all the local men give me a big thumbs up when they pass me! I fist pump them and everyone laughs. My mum wanted to buy some swimmers. It was a mini adventure! She didn’t know which way up they went an got stuck! She said the South American swimmers are not for her!
We tried to find a post office to post some cards. Apparently, there are no post offices in Colombia! Eventually, someone said they knew where we could buy stamps, so we found it and posted some stuff. I’ll be amazed if it arrives!
The KGV bar is my favourite place so far! It’s sooo cool! It has lots of Russian spy stuff and the back is like a submarine. My mum says it’s like a James Bond film. We spent some time in their as the barman lent me his Russian hat.

The speedy speedboat to Playa Blanca
Local beach
Feeling like a local in my Cartagena shirt and hat
Our Colombian hats
In KGB Sub
Walking through Cartagena old town
Pianist in our hotel in the art galleries
The barman’s Russian hat
Making a Spy telephone call