Quito was amazing – even though we only had an afternoon to explore. The old town has so many old churches in one small space and the old town is built on a steep hill. We had lunch and looked inside a few of the churches, before heading back to get our bags to go to the airport. Quito airport is new, clean and very efficient. We were flying Avianca, which is becoming Jack’s favour airline!

We arrived in Lima around 9.30pm after an hour an half flight from Quito. We stayed in MiraFlores area, which was close to Kennedy park, cafes and restaurants. We had 2 nights here so it gave us a chance to get our heads around travelling by bus to Nasca, Arequipa and Puno (Lake Titicaca)
We went to the bus station next morning and we bought our tickets: Lima to Nasca (7 hours), Nasca to Arequipa (9 hours) and Arequipa to Puno (7 hours). Bus station was called Cruz Del Sur and they are one of Peru’s bus companies. It cost around 30USD each for journey.

We left Lima early in the morning to catch the 7.30am bus to Nasca. We were downstairs right at the back. We watched the scenery change from Lima city, to dry barren countryside. We climbed quite high quickly and the mountains were jagged, dry and sheer drops either side of the road. The roads became narrower and the traffic less.
Arrived in Nasca around 3pm and got a taxi to our guesthouse which was very close. It was a long thin guesthouse and we had an first floor room. We dumped our bags and went out to explore.

It was so hot and dry. We thought it might be cold as it was high up, but it is one of the driest places on earth. It only gets 15cm of rainfall every 2 years and is part of the Atacama desert.
We visited the famous Nasca Lines. It was about 30 mins out of town, so we got a taxi to take us out there and wait for us.
We climbed up a metal lookout point and saw them! It was amazing! They are over 2000 years old and are preserved because of the lack of rain and wind in this area. We could see the ‘tree’ and the ‘iguana’ but the Pan American Highway has cut right through the ‘iguana’ It was so cool seeing them so close. We saw some light aircraft flying over the lines and we were told they are discovering new shapes and lines all the time.

We could walk up a lookout point to see more lines that are thought maybe lead to water years ago. It was like being in the desert. We really loved it.

The bottom of the ‘Tree’
Trying to draw the Tree from the tower
The Pan American Highway built right through the ‘Iguana’
Just a fraction of the Nasca line area