Dr Liu was confident that he can take the plate and screws our of my leg in March 2018, 16 months after diagnosis… and he did! It took just over an hour and here they are!

We returned back to Hong Kong only 2 days ago and here I am in hospital to get my plate and screws out!
I have to use wheelchair / crutches for 2 weeks, then he says I can walk, but no running. By June, maybe I can run gently again and by Christmas, maybe ball sports again – 2 years since the beginning of Perthes!

Dr Liu was very happy and came in excitedly to show us the X-ray. He is very happy with how the bone is growing back and says I should be careful for the next 3 months. I am happy they are out and I will try to be good and not run too much until June! I can’t wait!!!

My mum and dad are so happy and really like Dr Liu and Ann, his secretary. Everyone at Matilda is friendly and I have to see Dr Liu again next week to check everything is OK. He says I must have a xray in UK in June and then every year unit I am 16 years old.. I can live with that!

Leaving hospital!

Dr Liu, very happy!
Final Xray before operation to remove plate
Xray without the plate!


Plate an d 6 screws