We leave Hong Kong today for Part 2 of our Adventures. We have been in hospital to have the plate and 6 screws removed, recovered whilst staying at Rachele and Kris’ house. It was really fun playing with Luca and Valentina after school when they got home. We visited lots of friends, including Claire and Gareth, Alasdair for playdate and sleepover, Johanna’s for dinner and a sleepover another night, played with Hettie, Josie and Mac and we stayed in their house for the last 5 days. Had a BBQ at Garran’s house and I slept over with Luca a few times. We also went out on the speedboat with Jake, Connor and Mia to a bay and went swimming in the sea. On the way back, we spotted Dr Liu’s new sailing boat! We visited RCHK twice and I got to hang out with my friends at 4MH. I even gave my wheelchair to Kelly’s mum’s charity for a little girl who is an amputee in Cambodia. My crutches are with Claire and Gareth who will give them back to me when they arrive in London. As long as I am careful, I don’t need to use them anymore.

We are now at the airport to go to Ulaanbataar in Mongolia but we are delayed by about 3 hours. Our bags are stuffed to the max and we have lots of warm clothes with us. We are due to do this:

Today: 5th April  – Stay in Ulaanbataar for a night

Stay in a Ger in the Mongolian planes for 2 nights

Give a presentation to Ulaanbaatar International School

Get on the Trans-Siberian train to Irkuts, Moscow and St Petersburg

Train to Tallin

Bus through Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Train to Munch.

Pick up Handbike in Passua.

Cycle the Austrian part of Danube.

Train back to Holland

Early June – Ferry from Holland to UK

That’s the plan! Let’s see how we do!



The amazing Marins!
Bumping into Joe wearing his PTP shirt at RCHK
On our way to Sports Day at RCHK. We’re Tang-ed up!
Visiting my class: 4MH
Donating my wheelchair to Cambodia!
Bit of an important day! The day I do not need my wheelchair anymore!
Post Brunch with Dylan and Harvey