Today we visited the International School of Ulaanbataar. Tracey put us in touch with her friend, Marion MacQueen who is a grade 4 teacher there. It was a lovely big campus and we arrived just as recess was starting. I went out to play with the class while mum and dad had coffee at the coffee shop.
At 10.30am we began our presentation. 3 classes of Grade 4 + 5 arrived and we set up at the front. They asked really good questions, from how does Perthes start to how did we organise the charity and can I buy a T shirt?
I really liked the students and I was invited to go to Mongolian Class with them. I learned how to say hello in Mongolian (Sanbano) and then I went to lunch with them. I got to play with them on the football pitch after lunch.
Marion gave me a Mongolian Mindful colouring book and a Mongolian bag, which was very kind. We stayed until 12.30pm, then headed to the train station to catch our train on the Trans-Siberian to Irkutsk, on the Mongolian/Russian border.

Presenting to the Year 5 +6’s