Morco at the first Get camp

Our first day in Ulaanbataar started at -8* and got down to -18*! We were picked up by a driver and taken to Hotel Nine. Our flight was delayed, so we got into the hotel around 9pm. It was nice and warm inside. After breakfast, we met our guide and we were on our way to stay in a Mongolian Ger! We were all excited, but couldn’t believe how cold it was! Firstly, we stopped by the museum to learn about Mongolian history and learned a LOT about Ghengis Khan – a real National Hero! His 4th son, Kublai Khan is also regarded as a hero along with Marco Polo. Mongolia had an empire that stretched all the way through China and into Russia.
We changed some money into Mongolian Tugrik (3,000 = 10HKD) and then we went to a Buddhist temple and saw Mongolian Monks chant. Half way through, one of the monks got their I phone out – I guess this is modern Mongolia!
We drove about 2 hours east to Terelj National Park. We arrived to no-one there at all! Our Ger was amazing! They were all in a line, and only us were staying there. I did some archery and the target was sheepskin. I even rode a Bactrim camel with my new friend, Morco, who was the on of the family that owned the Ger. We ate lunch there of stew soup and tea. It was warming which was good as we were freezing!
To heat the Ger, there is a wood fire which was on all the time. A man came in at around 9pm to light it again and at 6am too. It was very hot when we went to bed, but at 3am we were freezing!

I played with my plane – it flew for miles. I gave it to Morco when we left. We climbed up to a temple and climbed ‘Turtle rock’. It was amazing views, but freezing cold.