We got the train to Passau. It took 2 trains, each of 1 hour. Our hotel was right opposite the train startion. We hoped that our bikes had been delivered and Jack’s handcyle had arrived from Pro Active safely. Yes! They were all there! In the luggage storage, 2 bug boxes from Pro Active and our bikes, with panniers, locks and helmets labelled with Farmer on them. We wanted to start straight away, as this was our highlight of this part of the trip. We went out to shop for a few things to prepare us for the trip and found somewhere to eat, a lot of schitzel and laderhosen are in Passua and we packed up for the next day.
Early next morning, we decided to leave a day early. Breakfast was how it was going to be for the next week – bread, cheese, ham, butter. Fine.

Our bikes arrived!

We made up the handbike, checked it all over, attached our panniers to our bikes, got some sandwiches for lunch and headed off! Richard had done a lot of research of our route so it was a surprise when we set off in the wrong direction!! It wasn’t was easy as we thought it was to leave Passau! It actually sits in the middle of 3 rivers! We found out we were travelling the wrong way then turned around though a busy cobbled village, but then we were now on the wrong side of the river. We then double backed again, crossed back over 2 bridges and finally at 4pm found the right route our of Passau. Along a busy main road, on a cycle track but it was hot a noisy. We found our first stop at around 7pm. It was a beautiful old 200 year house overlooking Obernzell Castle. We ate in a walled garden, had pizza, drank beer and collapsed in our attic room. Perfect! 
From now on, we were travelling on the Danube River.

Building up the handbike

So far, we’ve made it to:
1st night: Obernzell (small pretty old village with castle)
Got there after 15 km from Passua along a road

2nd night: Schlogen (hotel very expensive, but not worth it, right on the river bend, beautiful)
Beautiful ride along the river.

3rd night: Aschach (rooms above a Thai Restaurant, weird owner.)
Up and down through villages, off river a lot. Beautiful through farmer’s field. Saw snakes, heard Cuckoos.

4th night: Linz (ibis. Met a great Polish family, who we enjoyed the evening with)
Had work on last 10km along a windy, loud main road to Linz. Arrived in middle of city, very busy.

5th night: Mauthausen (We went to wrong Farmhouse! Jack’s foot got stuck in spokes of Leanne’s bike)
Followed train tracks for a lot of the route. River was shady. Scorching weather. Beautiful.

6th night: Ardagger (Nice rooms but everyone smokes. Drank Most, the local cider)
Cold arriving. Mostly flat on river.

7th Night: Ybbs (rough. Stayed in Pizzeria with rooms at the back. Crazy guy in Chinese restaurant)
Cold all day cycling. River and fields. Railway and Hydro-Electrical dam.

8th Night: Melt (quirky 2 rooms in a castle like building above a cafe under the Abbey)
Perfect river side. Gorgeous weather.

Starting off in Passau
Finding the right bridge and right river!!
Loving being back on the bikes
Leaving for day 2
We’re making it!