Jack gets FREEDOM!!!

It seems fitting that 2 weeks after arriving in Edinburgh, we can shout “Freedom’… Today, we had an xray and saw a specialist, recommended to us. He looked at the xray and said the only words we had hoped for…. NO RESTRICTIONS!!! Tears, glee and relief flooded all of us! Jack had beaten Perthes. 20 months since diagnosis. We had pedalled, swam, stretched, sailed and countless other ‘sitting down sports’ to help his condition. It had all been worth it. 

What did we do? Joined a cricket club, bought a scooter, bikes, trainers and balls! We sure as hell are going to make up for the last 2 years. Nothing will stop him now… ever. 

Thank you to everyone who have supported us through Jack’s Perthes journey. It has been unimaginably difficult but with Jack so positive and a very strong support network from our friends, we made it. 

The all important final xray. 20 months worth
Celebrated by playing sport! First time for 20 months! Tears of joy!!