Both our Just Giving pages have now expired.

We thank all of you who have made generous donations to both charities. Funds for both Perthes Association and Sailaibilty went a long way, and we are delighted to hear Liverpool University in UK are carrying out research for a better understanding on how to treat Perthes  

Raising awareness for Perthes also helps. It is a rare condition and often misunderstood.

The charities descriptions are below:

We will support The Perthes Association’ which is a voluntary organisation that supports children who suffer from Perthes disease and Associated conditions. For many years they have supplied equipment for children in plaster but as treatments change they will focus more on research in the hope that the cause of Perthes disease will be established which in turn will lead to a cure. They also help and advise families of children suffering from Perthes disease and associated conditions in all parts of the British Isles and overseas.

Perthes disease (also known as Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or avascular necrosis) is a childhood disorder which affects the head of the femur. In Perthes disease the blood supply to the growth plate of the bone at the end of the femur (called the epiphysis) becomes inadequate. As a result the bone softens and breaks down (a process called necrosis) It affects 5.5 per 100,000 children usually between the ages of 2 and 15 years. Thank you for your kind donations through Just Giving.

Charity Registration No. 326161


Jack has been fortunate to be involved in Sailability Hong Kong. This volunteer organisation enables young people with disabilities to learn to sail in specially adapted toppers in a fun and safe environment.

Sailability receives little government funding and relies on fundraising from the Hong Kong community. To help this wonderful programme continue to expand, we thank you for all your kind donations.

Charity Registration No. 911/11325