Visit to Tsunami

Visiting Tsunami

  17 June We have just visited Tsunami ‘s office in Kowloon Bay set up the online shop on for our t-shirts.  Jack enjoyed looking round the office and meeting
Getting the charity up and running

Logo, shirts and website in a hurry

May 19 We have just met up with Andrew and Richard, who are the brothers behind Tsunami clothing, a Hong Kong brand of sportswear. Designer Richard has been working on the logo, along with much creativity from Rachele, an architect/artist friend, plus some helpful inputs from Jack. The design features a hand
Diagnosis and surgery

Part 2a: Day of my operation

We left very early this morning and it was very foggy. All the way up the hill, we could hardly see anything. It was so dark and misty.  We arrived at Matilda Hospital at 6.30am. Mum thought she’d left her wallet at home so had a little panic and emptied out our